Friday, February 14, 2014

Long time, no blog

Well hello there! It's been a couple weeks, hasn't it? I've been running around central Arkansas covering winter weather and other news. It's been exhausting and I'm hoping things start to settle down a little bit.

see all that snow?! ... welcome to the south! 

I had to stop sharing pictures at the peace sign and duck face. Obviously, I was not in the right state of mind when that picture was taken. 

So, what have you missed besides winter weather? A lot actually. Let's get you caught up...

-We had another doctors appointment. It was at 2:00 pm but we didn't see the doc until 4:00, that was fun. We heard a heartbeat again (160bpm) and saw the doctor for about 10 seconds. I got on the scale and learned that I've gained 6 pounds. Holllla! We have another appointment March 5, and two weeks after that we find out whether this little gummy bear is a boy or a girl. 

13 Weeks
-I crave gummy bears. 

-I'm actually starting to let go of the bad food. For the past several days, I've eaten a lot of carrots and celery. I've moved back to my healthy plain protein yogurt and eat lots of fruits. The thought of bagel bites, french fries, and cheeseburgers makes me sick. This is a good thing considering my thighs don't fit in my skinny jeans anymore. The last time I lost my water was Monday morning, which means we're slowly but surely getting OUT of this awful nausea phase. 

-Emily turned ONE!!! 

We celebrated by adding bacon in her breakfast and dinner. It was snowing that day so we couldn't take her to the park or anything. I don't think it bothered her too much though.. 

Being one years old is exhausting. In fact, she's sleeping sitting up while I'm writing this blog post. Ruff life.

-We bought a crib!! It's this one from Target. It was on sale + we got a free mattress. It was a steal!! While I was looking at beds, I lost Nate and couldn't find him until.... 

how cute is he?! He literally went through all of those car seats to see which one had the best reviews. He weighed them. He walked around with them. And then he moved on to the strollers... It was a long trip to Target to say the least but I'm happy to see him get so excited. I sometimes think he is more excited than me, and I'm totally ok with that since I still don't feel like this is actually happening. 

I think I caught you up on everything. I thought I had a lot more to share but I'm boring like that and I've also been up since 3:00 this morning. I think it's time for a quick nap then a Valentine's Date with my handsome man. (he bought me a diaper bag this year.... how romantic!!) 

Y'all have a good weekend! And since this winter mess is gone, I'll be sure to write more often. I want to document every second of our lives before this baby comes. I want to be able to go back and read what my old life used to be like. Quiet and boring!! haha! 


  1. Oh how exciting that you guys are getting things picked out! It's always fun when the guy is just as excited or more :D Happy first birthday to Emily!! I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. "The thought of bagel bites, french fries, and cheeseburgers makes me sick." I feel like I don't even KNOW you anymore!!!!!!!! *sob*
    Happy birthday to Miss. Emily! :)

  3. Well since you so much as mentioned the day of my birth, I've decided that you're having a girl. It doesn't matter that March 5th isn't the day of the big secret reveal. It's still a relevant decider in this whole process.