Thursday, April 17, 2014

My poor, poor Husband

While I'd love the title to be a sarcastic hit at Nate since he's not the one gaining weight like it's his job, peeing every 5 minutes, or getting his bladder kicked and punched.... It's really a sincere comment that I want to say while pinching his cheeks. You see, even though he's not the one pregnant he has to listen to me complain about it 24/7. All day. As soon as he comes home from work.. before he goes to bed.. while we're making dinner.. while we're out to dinner... on text messages throughout the day... it. never. ends.

Poor guy must get tired of it.

And speaking of poor... Baby Maddie is already so expensive. I mean, she needs $60 moccasins in every color and bows that match. Duh. Of course I ask before I make the shoe and accessory purchases but it's already hard for him to say no to his sweet baby girl. or I'm just really good at asking for things. Either way, poor guy is literally feeling poor right now.

I'm only 22 weeks pregnant. He has 18 more weeks to go. EIGHTEEN! that's a lot of complaining and buying for me and a lot of listening and forking over money for him. He acts like it doesn't bother him though. He rubs my feet, my back, scratches my head, and even does the dishes if I make dinner. He's quiet when I'm napping and he never wakes me up. He eats what I want to eat because he knows my taste buds aren't like what they used to be. He walks and plays with the dog. He put together the crib and stroller without a complaint.


Even though I'm not feeling very confident, he makes me feel good. Tells me I'm beautiful, and all that jazz. I'm actually thinking he likes the "softer" me more than the abs and quads.... or he's just doing that to make me feel better. He's always rubbing my stomach hoping to feel one of her flutters and he always gets so happy when I tell him when I felt them that day. I'm anxious to meet her, but I'm more anxious to see Nate become a dad because I know he'll be so good at it. It's one of those qualities that I saw when I first met him. He's one of the good ones and this whole pregnancy thing is making me love him more and more every day.

But enough about him, let's talk about me. Like I said before, I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I'm pretty sure I've gained 30 pounds and I feel it.

It's hard for me to sleep at night since I can't get comfortable and I'm up using the bathroom. Last night I got up FIVE times to pee!! Girlfriend is comfortable on my bladder but it's not comfortable for me. My tailbone still hurts and oh my gosh y'all I AM HUNGRY!!! All the time. There's never a time when I'm not hungry. I'm just waiting for my doctor to tell me to slow down on the eating because it's getting out of control. I'm tired, but that's nothing new, and I feel like I'm constantly fighting for more sleep. It's a hole I can't get out of. My belly is starting to show! Lots of people have pointed little Maddie out this past week and that's been a new experience.

It's a view for me that I'm not used to. I still have a lonnng way to go but I can't wait!!! I wish it were August already!... and so does Nate. He's ready to meet her and for my complaining to stop. We'll see....... 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

20 Pounds in 20 Weeks

True story y'all. I've gained 20+ pounds since the beginning of December. I don't mind the weight gain except when I can't fit into my jeans or my new girls don't fit into some of my favorite shirts.... other than that, I'm ok with it and HELLO it's not like I have a choice.

I feel good! I think this weight looks right on my body, if that makes sense. I just hope I don't pass 200 pounds by the time August rolls around. We shall see!!

Other than the scale, I'm feeling ok. It's hard for me to sleep and I'm constantly up using the restroom. I roll around a lot and my tailbone is in some serious pain. It's totally normal for your tailbone to hurt because your insides are constantly changing which causes some soreness in other areas.... dare I say it's almost as bad as morning sickness. 

Emily however is sleeping great.... 

She fell asleep with her ball in her mouth last night. It was the sweetest thing. I'm hoping our cuddles sessions continue once baby Maddie arrives.

We're getting the nursery ready slowly but surely!!

Crib is from Target, the bedding is from Restoration Hardware, and the bear is from Pottery Barn. I swore against the color pink when we found out we were having a girl. But when I stumbled upon this sheet set, I couldn't resist! I love the innocence of the light pink and the flowers are just adorable. I had to have it! That's all we have so far.... we have four months to figure out the rest of it.

FOUR MONTHS! Can you believe that? Where is time going? Am I ready for this? At our next appointment I have to do the glucose test, which for some reason I'm nervous about. I haven't heard many positive things about it so I wouldn't mind the next four weeks to slow down a little bit. Next month we have some baby classes to look forward to so Nate can learn how to hold a baby. Poor guy doesn't know much about babies (either do I, but I've at least changed a diaper here or there) we're also taking an infant CPR class, and I'll have a breastfeeding class. 

Those will be interesting, I'm sure. 

Anyhoodles, there's not much else going on in my world. I've been craving cheeseburgers on the grill and last week I was dying for a DQ dipped cone.

And in those two pictures alone, you can see where these 20 pounds came from! Ha!

now I want ice cream..... bye!!