Thursday, September 26, 2013

About Me Post

Hi!, I'm Max!

Welcome (or shall I say, welcome back?) I've been around these blogging parts before but had to call it quits after going through one of the most stressful times of my life. I've always been a supporter of "write how you feel" -- but I had no words. For the first time in my life, I didn't know what to say or how to say it. 

Let's rewind, 

Shortly after my then fiancé proposed, my dad's cancer took a turn for the worst. My "MAXOUT" blog was put on hold as I was working full-time and driving back and forth across west Texas to see him. He was all I could think about and my heart was broken. He took his final breath in July, and it was over. During some of his final days, we exchanged "I love yous" and he was able to meet Nate. I'm thankful for that time we had together. 

During this, we were planning a wedding, planning an Air Force move, planning BIG decisions. Along with putting my blog on hold, I put CrossFit on hold. Which is what my previous blog was supposed to be about. I eventually got back into it but I got hurt, and it was all my fault. I'll eventually get back into the fitness routine, but I have to give my body some time to rest. 

Ok so, let's turn this around and get ya caught up.

We're married. 


We live in Little Rock, AR. 

and we love it!

I'm no longer a TV news anchor... 

but I'm working on not being unemployed -- ya follow me?

Emily (our pup) is all grown up and looks like a miniature form of a lab.

She's a mess, but we love her.

I think I've got ya covered. I'm excited to be back! I'm ready to share this new chapter of my life, which is why it's appropriately named, "live life to the max!"

(pun is totally intended) 


  1. MAX! I am so so excited to see you back in the blogging swing of things. I have seriously missed you but of course have been thankful to catch up via FB :) People email me ALL the time asking what happened to you so now I can direct them here.

    I know those couple of months were really hard for you but I'm glad you're okay now and that you were able to spend quality time with your Dad before. AND YOU GOT MARRIED. Seriously could you be prettier? UM NO. Congratulations again and I'm so excited to see what you and Nate get into in Little Rock! Hopefully we can have some real chat time soon! xo

  2. So glad you are back to blogging!
    Welcome back and welcome to Little Rock!!

  3. Weeeeeeee!!! You're back!! I am so so so excited! Mostly because seeing Emily on Instagram just isn't enough ;) juuuust kidding.
    Your wedding looked absolutely GORGEOUS and welcome to Kansas, I mean, ArKansas ;)

  4. I have desperately missed you!! Now we are both married and things are crazy all around. Husbands, dogs and a new life! I can't wait to catch up!

  5. Welcome "back!" I stalk you on instagram, of course---but, I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world!

  6. Yay! So glad you're back at it in the bloggin' world :)

  7. Yayayayay!! So excited your back! Love the new title, and can't wait to follow you along through your married adventures :)

  8. I'm so so so glad you're back! You've been sorely missed around these parts! I'm so sorry you had such a rough couple of months, but blogland has been thinking about you and praying for you and waiting with bated breath for your return! Congratulations on your MARRIAGE and your MOVE and all of that good stuff :) Your wedding photos are GORGE to the MAX! See what I did there?

  9. So excited that you are back! Congratulations on your new marriage and I'm so looking forward to following your newest adventures. Love the blog title, too!!

  10. Welcome back! I'm so sorry that you were dealing with so much at one time, but it looks like you were able to find some strength and happiness, so good for you! Can't wait to keep up with your Little Rock life... we are a Razorbacks family! Woo Pig Sooie!

  11. So glad your back! So sorry about your dad. You look beautiful in your wedding photos and congrats on the marriage!

  12. I am so happy that you are back in the blog world. I used to follow "Maxout" every day! I am so sorry to hear about some of the things that you have been going through, your family has been in my prayers. Congratulations on your marriage and I can't wait to read all about your new exciting experiences!

  13. Yay! Glad to see your back. Love your wedding pictures!

  14. Max!!! I love your wedding pictures so much! Glad you are back :)

  15. So glad that you are back!!
    Your wedding photos are absolutely stunning ♥ Congratulations!
    I'm sorry to hear about your dad, I can only imagine how tough it has been.
    Emily is sure getting big! I swear she was just a puppy yesterday ha ha.