Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All Moved In

[Before I get started, I really do love you guys. Is it weird to love people you've never met/barely know? No, no it's not, especially in the blogging world.]

I know this place is empty and I'm working on getting it pretty, and that goes for this blog and our new home. We sold a majority/all of our furniture when we moved to Little Rock...

...wanna come over and watch TV? no.
Good news is... we sold my husbands blue couch.

I promised I wouldn't talk bad about it anymore (he's sensitive towards his decorating) instead, I'll let you talk bad about it for me. I mean, it's nice..... but it's blue.

Ok moving on, before I get into trouble.

We've been married for almost a month (Oct. 4th will be our one month anniversary), and I'll be completely honest with you and say our first month has been fun, yet challenging. We moved to Arkansas by ourselves... literally. No movers. No one to pack my dishes. No HELP! Since Nate is in the military, this is good. We make money because we save them money -- make sense? I should add that usually the military will move you because they're forcing you to move. But NOPE! Nate said, "you're strong, you can do this" .... ya.... totally. This was before I got hurt and before we realized how heavy our boxes/select furniture were. I also didn't think we would be moving in the rain, because ya know, it never rains in Texas.

Texas house
But on this particular day, it decided to downpour. This made moving things in the truck difficult because rain usually makes things slick. I took a pretty hard slip and slammed my left leg into the metal rail. It's still purple/blue and a little swollen.... this makes two injuries last month.

pretty colors
I hurt my lower back while power snatching in CrossFit. I don't like talking about it because it's all my fault and it just frustrates me. I can't do anything without it hurting, which is why I'm finally going to the doctor about it. When I first hurt it, I could barely get out of bed/do anything normal. I went to my doctor to make sure it wasn't my spine and he gave me some muscle relaxers. Those worked for a couple days and eventually my pain went away. Until recently. So... to another doctor I go!

Emily (our dog) is loving our new home! She loves it so much she decided to poop on the floor when we first got there. Later that night, she pooped on the floor again. But, just in case you're wondering, her pooping is under control and it's outside. She was just... confused? It happens to all of us....

I later realized that there's poop in the background of Emily. See it? 
there's actually TREES here y'all. It's fun until this... 
Anyway, she got herself a boofriend. He likes to sit on top of their table and watch as she plays in the yard. It's level 10 creepy, but as long as he doesn't touch her/sneak in the yard... we're good. There will be no Teen Moms in the household. #bye

She seems to be loving everything about our new place, especially the fact that we only have one chair in the living room...

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  1. awwww! love that last picture. She's adorable, except when there's poo. They are never adorable when there's poo.

  2. Poo is bad, but it happens to all of us.

  3. Loving the new place! It looks pretty. LOL to the demise of the blue couch. I know how long you've been waiting for that ;) I'm listening to Miley right now and naturally it made me think of you. Also, I finally unfollowed the Biebz on Insta. It had to be done.

  4. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! i am so excited to have you as a blog bud again. marriage looks fantastic on you. i miss you. is that weird? good. emily looks happy and looks like hugo and she should have a play date- strictly platonic!

    love the blog name too. soooo excited!

  5. I think it's a nervous thing, maybe? Our lab likes to poop in new places too, but then again he also likes to pee on new things so that everyone knows it's his. At least she is super cute!