Monday, December 9, 2013

Grilled Cheese Diet


2 slices of bread

Lots of butter

and a handful (or two) of shredded mozzarella. 

and this is probably the one and only recipe you'll see on my blog. I swear I cook more than just sandwiches but after being iced in for 4 days this is what my diet has consisted of. Bread. Butter. Cheese. Repeat. While that's 100% acceptable in my book, my thighs on the other hand are screaming at me. It doesn't help that we haven't done much exercising lately. The most we've done is searched for the remote, changed channels, and napped.

Same yoga pants. Different day.

That's not entirely true. On Saturday the dog and I braced ourselves and hit the slopes the sidewalks for our one and only walk since the ice hit Arkansas. Emily destroyed all of her toys in revenge from being stuck inside with her lame mom. I gave in once the sun came out a bit... but.. don't let that big guy fool you. It was still very well under 20 degrees. No worries though, thankfully I married a mountain man who made sure I had all of the REI essentials incase ice storms like this occur...

I've never been skiing, but I think walking your dog on ice is on that same level. After nearly falling twice, I let her roam freely while I walked/tiptoed behind. My hands and face were frozen so I can't imagine how the ice felt on her soft little paws. We walked and slipped around for a little more than an hour until my hair was turning into icicles. On the way home, I noticed my little favorite tree in our front yard finally losing the last of its Fall leaves...

Fall left the party, and Winter has arrived early. It was real Fall.... can't wait for you to return next year. Winter has made her presence known and plans on sticking around for awhile. No pun intended. I hope she lets up a bit so I can go to the grocery store and get more bread, butter, and cheese. Gotta keep my GC diet strong so I can fit into those yoga pants.... *side eye*


  1. I love grilled cheese sandwiches! I always add garlic/parsley powder to the butter, it gives it a good zest of flavor. Yikes about the icy weather! I love doing the same thing when it is super cold out - hang out in my yoga pants and cuddle with the pups.

  2. I have never thought about putting shredded mozz on a grilled cheese! COME TO MAMA!!!!!!!!!! Once my hair/boogers start to turn into icicles, that's how I know it's "too damn cold" out. :P

  3. grilled cheese fo life. now im getting one for lunch.

  4. Mmm grilled cheese is super delicious with any kind of cheese! mozzarella, cheddar, American, or all of the above!

  5. It was -2 here this morning and I now want to just go home and have some grilled cheese! Yum!