Monday, December 2, 2013

My Pants Don't Fit

Todays challenge: successfully putting on my pants while breathing. Thanksgiving was (as usual) very good to me, and I may or may not have devoured my monthly worth of calories in 24 hours. Who am I kidding? I've been eating my thanksgiving leftovers, for breakfast lunch and dinner, since Thursday so I'm sure I'll be good on eating until NEXT Thanksgiving.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our home in Little Rock. Nate's parents drove from Georgia to see our new house and to help cook the big meal. I was nervous to say the least, but they took on the role of cooking the turkey which made me happy because I'm not there yet in the cooking department. I was in charge of everything else besides the stuffing so it was still a stressful day but I definitely learned a lot on what NOT to do.

Like don't follow Paula Deen's pumpkin pie recipe, because oh I don't know, IT DOESN'T BAKE. I made 4 of them. FOUR!!!! and none of them turned out right. I finally went with another recipe and it was perfect. But still, I wanted to figure out why my PD pumpkin pie wasn't baking. Oh well, maybe next year.

Also, gravy is not easy to make. I felt like I was in a 3rd grade science project making glue. Note: you don't want your gravy to have the texture of glue.

Take pictures of your meal. You'll need it for the blog later. I wish all of you could see the beauty in my green bean casserole. I want some so bad right now.

Don't stress out. Thanksgiving food is like mexican food. It all goes together no matter what.

That's all the life changing advice I have for you today. Let's continue on to the rest of my holiday week, shall we? Nate came home from doing Air Force things, but won't be home for good for awhile. Hopefully he'll make it before my 25th birthday in the next couple weeks. We'll see. I told him on Wednesday that I really wanted to get a Christmas tree for our new home. I didn't care if it came from Goodwill or a garage sale, I just wanted the xmas spirit in here. A couple days later after doing some shopping, I came home to this...

How sweet is that?! He surprised me and I didn't even notice it until about 20 minutes after I arrived home. It's the perfect size and I can't wait to jazz it up with some ornaments. Although, we may have a naked tree this year, and buy ornaments that go on sale after Christmas and use those next year. I don't mind, I'm just thankful that we have a tree... in our first home.... with each other...



  1. awwww.... i really do love the tree. and you're right, Thanksgiving food does all go together. shoot im hungry again and im really trying not to eat.

  2. STAHP. He bought you a tree, I die. Would you believe I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving food? I like a couple of things and we didn't have any of them and I was sad. Like for instance.. we had mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. SIDE EYE.

  3. That's adorable that he did that! So sweet!

  4. Seriously, that's like the sweetest thing ever. The tree looks perfect!

  5. I made two pumpkin pies this year and got a late start on putting them in the oven so I had to stuff them in there with the turkey and they took a lot longer to cook than usual and it was making me pretty nervous that they wouldn't turn out. I wonder why the PD recipe didn't turn out..
    That is so sweet that he surprised you with a tree!! It's perfect!

  6. Awww... that sux about the pies!! I wonder what the heck the deal was?! I made pumpkin pie, too... but it was frozen so I just put it in the oven. It DID work. :) haha

  7. Emily is looking so pretty in front of your tree. I was put in charge of cranberry sauce that only one person eats my in laws this year. I think my MIL is slowing starting to trust me....8 years later. hehe

  8. Just found your blog again! I've got a lot of catching up to do, but glad to see you're back at it! So sweet of him to surprise you with the tree! How are you adjusting to the move with him being gone so much? My husband is an AF pilot too and often gone (like right now), for me it's been really rough making friends and getting adjusted... it's hard to go exploring by yourself! haha