Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gone Country

I have a love hate relationship with country music. Some days I'm into it, but most days I'm not. Growing up it was different. I wouldn't be caught dead listening to anything else (except anything boy band related) and I literally thought my mom was in a relationship with Tim McGraw. I kind of looked like him/she saw him in concert at least a dozen times. But that's not the point here, my point is that my love for country music has dramatically dropped over the past several years. Maybe because it's changed? I wouldn't put all the blame on Taylor Swift (I honestly do love her) we'll just say that she's definitely added some sparkle to the country scene, and it's not the same as it used to be.

Although my love for it has almost disappeared, it never fails that when one of the songs listed below comes on the radio my heart skips a beat, the windows go down despite the winter blizzard, and I am singing Whitney Houston style in my car. That's an understatement. I might as well be putting on a country show in my little mazda 3. This is my life folks, and these are the top 10 songs that I know every single word to (in no particular order)...


Kerosene by Miranda Lambert


Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks


Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood


I Like it I Love it by Tim McGraw


Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter


Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn


Blue by Leann Rimes


Bye Bye by Jo Dee Messina


Check Yes or No by George Straight


Fancy by Reba

This post was supposed to take 5 minutes to write, but I've been listening to every song at least 100 times. Take me back to the 90's y'all, this is my jam. Reba, Tim, the innocent LeAnn.... that's my crew. I may be bitter towards this new stage of country, but nothing NOTHING will change my country. What are your all-time favorite country songs?


  1. Yes, just yes to all of those songs. I was a HUGE Reba fan and owned her tapes :D Some of my favorites of hers were The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia and Maybe It Was Memphis, Walkin' After Midnight by Patsy Cline, Heads Carolina Tails California by Jo Dee Messina, and don't even get me started on Shania Twain and Pam Tillis!

  2. I agree that it has changed, but I don't necessarily think it's in a bad way. I like how artists like Tim and Fl-GA Line are partnering with artists like Nelly to give the "country" music a twist. It's exciting when you hear a "country" song on a pop station because they were able to branch into a different market. With that said, I love this list of songs. Bye Bye takes me back to my childhood when I had a babysitter who LOVED this song so I would always listen to it in her car with her. Good times.

  3. I love all of these songs! It totally takes me back to my childhood. I'm getting back into country after a few years away, but I think the 90s were the best!

  4. FANCY... that is my favorite karaoke song. You have good taste.

  5. Those are some great old school country tunes! Reminds me of my childhood!

  6. Strawberry Wine! Yes!! It took me a very long time before I realized what this song was actually about....

    Love all these songs!

  7. I'm not into country (basically at all) but there are some good jams out there. i always love carrie bc shes just so gorgeous.

  8. my favorite Reba song I jam to is "why haven't I heard from you"! Oldie but goodie!

  9. Strawberry Wine and Fancy are two of my favorite country songs.

  10. "I wanna be loved like that" by Shenandoah is the way to my country girl heart. LOVE 80s and 90s country. Except Shania...barf.

  11. My best friend and I had an entire dance/lip-sync thing made up for Strawberry Wine. Anytime it comes on we're immediately texting each other. It's one of my top 10 for sure!

  12. These songs are country. The new shit is not.