Thursday, July 31, 2014

37 weeks: What's in your bag?

Are we really at 37 weeks? I mean.... really? Because it's hard for me to imagine that I'm going to be delivering a baby.. A BABY... in about 3-4 weeks. You guys, A BABY. And then, the nurses and doctors are going to send me home with that BABY and we have to somehow figure out how to take care of it. Just so we're clear, I know nothing about babies. Like... nothing. I mean I know they poop and pee and eat and stuff but that's all I know. 

Here's what I do know. I know what I'm bringing in my bag to the hospital. Because that's semi-important, I think. Thanks to Pinterest and other mommies out there who have given me their 2 cents here's what I have so far... 

1. Nursing sleep bras
2. Nursing pads (because apparently I start leaking from places I've never leaked before)
3. The most comfortable Gap v-necks that are now on sale for $8
4. Ugg Slippers
5. Gap Maternity leggings (in both black and grey)
6. Nursing tank
7. Camera, video camera, and chargers that go with them
8. Boppy pillow for nursing
9. Wine to celebrate
10. Pillows for Nate
11. Cheap underwear
12. iPhone charger
13, 14: Blow dryer, straightener
15. Shower stuffs
16. Maxi pads
17. Make-up bag filled with... make up.
18. Not pictured: shower shoes, nipple cream, snacks for Nate, coming home outfit, and nursing bra to come home in.

So basically, it's a normal overnight bag minus the boob pads and cheap underwear. Unless, boob pads are your thing. I also have baby Maddie's bag packed with clothes and swaddles and other goodies, but the hospital provides all the diapers, wipes etc. (I packed a few just in case). And obviously, the car seat is ready to go. Insurance info is also important but the hospital already has all of our stuff so we don't need to bring anything.

I'm sure I'll pack a few more items along the way! But right now this is all I have. It's so crazy that I'm already getting ready to go to the hospital. It feels like yesterday that I was just making the pregnancy announcement.

Ok so what am I forgetting? any other suggestions?


  1. I'm not mama but I heard to bring your own blankets as well. Thirty seven weeks...ahh!

  2. Lip balm and eye drops! When I delivered my first daughter, my lips got so chapped and my eyes were burning from the dry hospital air. When I asked for eyedrops, they told me they'd have to go through the doctor, get a prescription, blahblahblah. When I had my second daughter, I just packed that stuff on my own and it was great! Oh, and lotion if you tend to get dry skin!

  3. I've heard some women say because the hospital and the rooms can be quite chilly the recommend a robe that is easy to slip in and out of. Great list! I'm making a few notes for myself :)

  4. This made me laugh out loud. I mean I know nipple pads are important, but I have the mind of a 5 year old and it makes me giggle.
    I also appreciate how you just threw wine in the mix like it was NBD