Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm bad at being pregnant

Well, this is awkward. It's been months since I've seen this internet place of mine so I figured I better start using it again. Ya know, since my life is about to change drastically in about 4-5 weeks. Yikes.

I'm now 34 weeks, but I'll be 35 weeks in a couple days. Every day is harder and every day I seem to complain a little bit more. I'm sweaty, large, swollen, tired, emotional... just to name a few AND my lower half is in PAIN. By lower half, I mean you know what. OMG no one talks about that during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, but really I think it's the most important thing right now. My walk has officially turned into a waddle because of it, and I'm OVER IT.

I get it. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but let's be real, it sucks too. Especially during the hottest time of the year. I really love it when people say, "you should have planned it better" -- YA THINK?! who really plans pregnancy anyway?! everyone besides us.

Moving on... here's a lovely picture of me being all pregnant/sweaty and stuff.

sometimes I pass my reflection and think "who is that?" and then I come to realization that it's me and that I'm 8 months pregnant.

34 weeks + 
that's me in our dining room. I swear I look bigger in that room, but whatever. We're so close!! Only 5 more weeks to go, maybe sooner! Emily and I have been walking around the neighborhood or going to the park so she can swim. Apparently, if you stay active during your last few weeks, labor seems a lot easier. We'll see about that... Anyway, speaking of my little angel...
.... she's been a terror lately. Here's the thing, she's AWESOME at home. She doesn't chew, run around, get on furniture (unless I say she can), or bark outside. When we see other people or dogs outside our home... things change. She barks, growls at dogs, becomes aggressive, she HATES children too. She's always barked at men but recently that's changed to both men and women. I mean, she's never bitten anyone or any dog but that's because I'm usually holding her back. This is obviously a problem we need to fix FAST because ya know, we're bringing a child home next month. We decided to get some professional dog training. In true dog whisperer style, she told me that Emily is insecure and just needs some confidence. She did well during our first course at home and we were given homework. YES. HOMEWORK. We have our first "class" this Thursday and Saturday and I'm excited to see how Emily works with other men and dogs.

(update: we went to PetCo and saw another dog, she didn't say a word while the other dog went nuts. It felt refreshing to have that old Em back. Homework is WORKING!!)

Let's see what else..... Oh! We had our baby showers...

You may be wondering who that woman is to the left, and that would be my mom. Girlfriend loves her stylish glasses and I'm ok with that. Baby Maddie is so loved by all of our friends and family and I just can't wait for her to meet them! We officially have everything we need (we think) to survive the first few months she's here. Even diapers and wipes! Couponing has definitely saved us and I recommend anyone having babies to look into it. But if you're not having babies, don't do it. It just makes you buy things you don't need.

I'm taking you around the nursery tomorrow, so stay tuned!/ I'm getting kicked in my side and don't want to sit anymore. BYE.



  1. good news is you still look cute and preggers not OH MY LORD SHE IS SO PREGGERS

  2. You are too stinking cute and I can't wait to see pictures of that BEAUTIFUL baby.

  3. Oh my gosh I can't believe you are almost at 35 weeks! I feel like just last month you were announcing that you were pregnant. You look amazing! Also, that is great that you are getting dog training classes for Emily. Our dogs don't do well with other dogs or new people and it is really tough to take them anywhere.