Monday, March 17, 2014

Boy or Girl? Whatcha Think?!

No we're not making the announcement just yet. We have our 18 week ultrasound on Friday and we'll make the big reveal on Saturday afternoon!!! Can I be honest and tell you this is all I've been thinking about since we first found out we were expecting? When you don't know the gender you really can't buy anything besides the big/expensive stuff -- which let's be clear, that stuff is NOT fun to buy. 

So besides wanting to buy every little girl outfit at the Gap, I also want to know what we're going to name this little gummy bear (side story: our doctor calls it a gummy bear, so I just go with it... it has to be some sort of medical term, right? right.) Anyway, once we know we can narrow down our list of names -- although I've been calling it by our favorite girl name and Nate's been calling it by his favorite boy name. So really... we already have our names picked out and ready to go. 

In order for you to guess, I need to give you the answers to some questions that some women swear by when it comes to predicting the gender. They're all wives tales -- so nothing is scientifically proven (Nate always has to add that in there) so let's get started and I can't wait to hear your guesses!!!

Key: Pink is for Girl, Blue is for Boy .... obviously. 

Heart rate below or above 140? We've been at 160bpm for the past several appointments. 

Is your bump high or low? low, but I really don't have a bump to look at. 

Almost 18 weeks
Did you experience morning sickness early in your pregnancy? YES. It started at around 8 weeks. 

Are you craving sweets or salty and sour? SALTY and SOUR. Give me all the french fries and pickles (not together... but ya know...) 

How's your hair? Is it full of body or is it looking rather thin? Full of body, y'all! and even if it was thinning out, you wouldn't be able to tell... Hashtag, Texas hair for life. 

What's the Chinese Calendar predict? Girl!!

Are you carrying extra weight? If so, where? My hips don't lie! They are out and ready to party. 

Is your skin dry or soft? uhhh.... dry? but sometimes soft. 

Sleeping on your right or left side? Sometimes I wake up on my left side, sometimes I'm on my right.

What's the Mayan Calendar say? We found out when I was 24 in the year 2013

Are you dreaming about the possible gender? No. I just dream about basketball at least 3-4 times a week. I really have no idea what this babe could be! So I need some help! Let me know what you think and we'll have the big announcement this weekend. We can't wait to share the news!


  1. I say that bump looks pretty high & I still vote girl! Either way, can't wait to love on that babe!!

  2. I think it is a girl:) Little girls are so much fun! You look so good!!!

  3. It will be the cutest either way, but since Jen is having a boy you need to have a girl so that they can date. DUH.

  4. I vote girl! And I concur with Emily - can't wait to love on that baby either way! Miss you both!

  5. Science needs to step it up! The thought of carrying a little bambino for 18 weeks and not knowing the gender is PURE torture!!!!! I vote for a little miss!

  6. You're carrying high, but it's still early. Signs point to girl, but I'm going with boy.

  7. I say boy! I don't know why, but I feel BOY! You're gonna be such a great mama, either way!

  8. I feel like it's going to be a precious baby boy!

  9. We aren’t finding out ..but my cousin did find out and her little guy had a fast heartbeat!

  10. Eeeeek! So exciting!!! I'm gonna have to go with a beautiful baby girl :)

  11. I'm going to guess boy :) i can't wait to find out!

  12. How fun! I am going to guess girl :)

  13. Look how cute your bump is! :D My first instinct is GIRL!

  14. Heart rate says it all...It's definitely a girl!! I stayed at 160 heart rate with Carrington and...well, need I say more? ;D
    So excited for you guys!! Y'all will make gorgeous children together!