Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I miss sushi: 16 1/2 weeks

Mother Nature lied and winter returned last week. She hit pretty hard, bringing lots of snow and ice with her to most of the south. Which meant I was going to be stuck outside for countless mornings doing hundreds of live shots warning folks to stay inside. It was bad. I even had a near death experience in the live truck. You can read about it on my Facebook page.

I was wearing FOUR jackets y'all. FOUR. Like winter coat "I'm going skiing" jackets. Two pairs of pants and socks. A hat and gloves. And I was still cold. Hashtag, thanks below zero windchill. Hashtag, bye. As much as I HATE standing in the cold (you can totally tell in that picture), it's days like this that make my job so important. 

Ok moving on. 

Did you forget that I'm pregnant? because I sometimes do. I almost bought a new swimsuit in my old size and sushi at the grocery store. Preggo women can't have sushi because fish isn't safe for the baby. I once made the mistake of googling pregnancy do's and don'ts and I could have sworn that I was going to have a miscarriage because of all the insane rules that I had already broken. For example, you can't eat deli meats unless you heat them. Or honey. Both of those are essentials in my everyday life. I refuse to give them up. Side note: the doctor says I'm very healthy.

We heard the heartbeat last week! 

160 beats per minute, which means a lot of you will probably guess we're having a girl! We don't find out if it's a boy or girl until next week at our ultrasound though. Boo. I've gained 14 pounds so far since we learned that I was pregnant and since my last appointment I've gained 4 pounds. Here's the chart...

Week 4: 138 pounds
Week 8: 142
Week 12: 148
Week 16: 152

Is it wrong for me to document my weight gain? Probably and I'm sure my mother will call me later telling me to delete it, but whatever. I don't care. The doctor said he would be comfortable for me to gain 50 pounds (and maybe a little more) because I'm so tall and I have more areas that will pack on the pounds. He took my breath away when he said fifty. FIFTY POUNDS. But then I thought about lifting 50 pounds and that's nothing. Plus, I'm going to rock it. Especially in outfits like this one... 

PINK. BLUE. YELLOW. WHITE. BLACK. The struggle is real y'all. 

Also, I've discovered maternity leggings. Life changing. I recommend them even if you're not pregnant. There's so much more room in there! I bought mine from the Gap. 

I don't have any cravings right now besides wings and ranch dressing. I also want chocolate milk. Delicious combo, right? Yes. My tailbone hurts like no other, my hips grow a part every day, and my sports bras no longer do their job. I like to nap, snuggle with Emily, and get neck massages from Nate. I also like Starbucks Java Chip fraps. 

And yes I want the whip!! Who do you think I am? Hold the chocolate syrup though... because that 2grams of sugar will ruin the drink. 

Oh and my belly button is still an innie. Because you were all dying to know...

ok, I'm outie... bye!!!


  1. Bahahaha oh man. The struggle IS real. Can't wait for you to find out boy or girl! Maternity leggings are a gift from the pregnancy gods and now I want a frap. Happy to hear you're doing well!

  2. I have a pair of leggings from Marshals that hit just below by boobs. Not even mad (or pregnant for that matter). Java chip frappe are always acceptable. Hold the whip for me, but yes to the sauce! Glad your pregnancy is going so well!

  3. you are the cutest preggo out there. and i would totally forget i'm pregnant too. 4 jackets, you're my hero.

  4. You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever! I almost cried listening to that little heartbeat because it reminded me of the first time I got to hear my son's heartbeat. I really, really, REALLY miss my pregnancy boobs. Life was unfair when they went away ha ha.