Sunday, March 2, 2014

Southern Saturday//Sunday

The Roof Cafe//Little Rock
Bash this southern weather all you want, but I'm enjoying this 60-degree one day/30 degree day the next. Especially on a weekend like this. Yesterday we were able to do the fun outdoor things we usually do during warm weather (dog walking, brunch eating) and today we're doing some serious relaxing by cooking our favorite potato soup while watching Star Wars. It's raining and getting colder by the second, but these are the days I love.

Ham & Potato Soup. Recipe here. 
Emily doesn't enjoy the rain as much as her mom and dad do. She's waiting patiently for this winter weather to make a final exit... and by patiently, I mean she's bugging mom and dad every chance she gets. She's in desperate need of some tennis ball throwing and belly scratching. 

She looks much older in that picture for some reason. It could be the fact that she's finally growing into those big paws of hers. We've been working on obedience training lately and we can thank The Dog Whisperer on Netflix for that. Ceser Millan says if you follow "discipline, exercise, and affection" in that order then you should have a well-behaved dog. I totally admit to giving her affection before discipline, but that all stopped on Friday. And what do you know... it's like she was a completely different dog on our walk yesterday. She no longer can get on the couch or the bed unless we say so, and she has to "sit" before coming inside the house. Seriously y'all, in 24 hours she's made a complete change. 

We're still working on fetch though... She'll bring the ball back, but refuses to give it to us unless we have a treat. It's a pain, but we're working on it!

As far as a pregnancy update: I'm 15 weeks and a couple days! My belly doesn't look any different and I actually think I look a little smaller. I've changed my diet to things I used to eat before the pregnancy. In the first trimester I just wanted pizza and french fries. And to be blunt, after throwing those things up over and over I really don't have an appetite for them anymore. I'm currently obsessing over peanut butter and apples and strawberries with greek yogurt.

YUM so good! Although I still can't let go of my favorite gummies... 

This ginormous bag was only $10 at TJ Maxx so of course it came home with me. These little bears are expensive so when they're on sale you betcha I'll fork over some of change for them. I could probably eat them for breakfast/lunch/dinner -- and hey, I'm finally in that stage when I need to gain a pound a week!! So 3 pounds of these things will for sure help me get there, no problem. 

The rain is easing up and I'm assuming I'll get called into work if this stuff freezes over. Oh the life of a reporter! At least this was a perfect weekend while it lasted. 


  1. Costco sells a 6 lb bag of gummi bears for like $10 or something ridiculously cheap, and I have to restrain myself every time I go. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

  2. Emily does look a little older! I'm sure she still does rock those puppy dog eyes though!

  3. Emily does look older in that picture! That's awesome you guys are getting her trained - I really need to work with my dogs. Gummy bears are delicious!