Friday, March 28, 2014


Madeline Ray, 18 weeks

Thursday, March 20 was the first time I ever felt Maddie move. My photographer and I were sitting in our news live truck waiting outside an apartment building that caught fire overnight. We were waiting for our next shot when I felt a little flutter in my belly. "Am I hungry?" I thought, "no, I just ate my weight in wheat thins, definitely not hungry." Then I felt the same feeling again... and again. I turned to my photographer and yelled, "I think it's moving in there!" -- he has kids, so I assumed he would understand my excitement, but I think me screaming at 5:45 in the morning really scared him.

I just sat there with my hands on my stomach and smiled. It was the weirdest and coolest feeling ever. I always wondered what it would feel like when other pregnant moms would have me touch their belly and feel the little kicks and punches. Now I know, and it's just as weird as you think it would be.

It feels like something is touching you very softly from the inside, but it's very quick. I don't think there's a way to describe it without sounding like there's an alien in there. But ever since it happened the first time, I can feel Maddie move throughout the day. Especially at night when I'm laying down to go to sleep. She's up tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, making me very uncomfortable. But I love it. I know the little "flutters" will turn to more painful "kicks" in the next couple months, so for now I'm enjoying her soft little touches. Those long legs of hers are already proving to be powerful so if you could, say a prayer for my ribs.

As for daddy, it makes his day to here that Maddie is moving around in there. At night, I'll let him know when she's moving, and he places his hands on my belly trying to feel something. Maddie is too small for anyone to feel the movements I'm feeling (at last check she's 9 oz and 6 inches long) so he'll have to wait a little longer to feel her. He can't wait!

I'm 19 weeks -- which is almost halfway there.

Can you believe it?! Where is time going? I would like it to slow down, please. We have a lot to learn and prepare for before Maddie's big debut in August. We're already setting up her room though, and her crib (thanks to dad) is up and ready for some sheets. We're hanging curtains this weekend, and moving some things around. Can't wait to share pictures when it's done!

I'm not craving anything and morning sickness seems to be gone. I got sick last Wednesday morning but that was it. I'm currently rocking some maternity clothes. And if I'm not in maternity clothes I'm wearing yoga pants or sweatpants. My jeans no longer fit and those belly bands DRIVE ME NUTS so I'm forever giving up on jeans. (maternity jeans don't come in longs unless you order them online and they cost $60+ which I don't have time for, especially since summer is right around the corner.) I've gained about 20 pounds since December. I needed that weight though, and I'm getting used to it. My face is filling out, and my hips are too. However, I'm hoping that stops... don't forget, I have to be on TV every day. Yikes!

Thankfully, my TV clothes stretch. Or else we would have major problems.



  1. I think that’s about when I felt movement too... I’m love when baby is moving a lot but now that I’m 22 weeks some of the movement is startling!

  2. I think that's around the time I felt my son starting to move around! How exciting :D You look so good!

  3. You make pregnant look so good!!! love these updates!

  4. Check out H&M maternity.. their jeans/pants are really long and they have been my favorite bottoms out of all the brands I've tried :) oh, and they are decently priced at $30-$40