Monday, November 4, 2013

2 years // 2 months

On this day two years ago, my life changed.

I didn't exactly know he was the one right away. I knew about a week later after our first date. I'm aware that that's totally creepy, and I accept it.

But what's more important is that today is our two month anniversary as a married couple. Will I do this for every month until our one year? No. I just thought it was cool that it was 2 years, and 2 months.

Looking forward to many more years with this fella! and that concludes my love-dovie post today.

Happy Monday!


  1. that is pretty cool. happy anniversary you crazy kids.

  2. Too cute! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Just presh enough to make me wanna vom.. but not bc I'm jealous or anything. Wait I totally am.. because DATING SUCKS.

  4. Your wedding pictures though. I could scroll through all of them 85 times in a row.

  5. Happy anniversary! I adore that picture of you two.