Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The H Word

There are many words in the english language that I can't stand, 'moist' being one of them. Amazeballs, totes (used seriously), and pimple also join the hated words list. It's just something about them that makes my skin crawl. Recently, with half of my Facebook getting married, the words: Hubby, Hubs, Hubster, and yes, Husband make me want to vomit on my keyboard. They too have made their way to that long list of words that should never be used. EVER.

I never thought it was possible to ruin a word with such meaning but it's happened and I swear it's getting worse by the second. Let's go back in time/look up in the dictionary and talk about what a Husband really is. Some definitions use "master of the house" and "a man joined to another person in marriage"

You may notice that either of those definitions relate your husband to a pet animal or little kid. Shocker. You can also scroll down and see the related words category...

Out of all those words, we decided to steer in another direction (we're bad drivers, it's true) and park in front of Hubby's house. HUBBY. H-U-B-B-Y. Just look at the word for a second. How did that happen?! Where did we go wrong?! Something isn't right. Now I do have a theory, and some of you may not agree with me, but I'm going to share it anyway.

Back when social media became... well, social media... we felt like we needed to update anyone and everyone about our lives. "Look at me! I graduated" "My first job!" "Just bought my first car!" --- you name it, we all shared it. As time went on, my feed almost felt like a competition. Sarah got into a relationship, so Anna needed to be in one too. Sarah got married and had babies, so Anna needed to get married and have babies. Now that Sarah and Anna have the best lives in the world and they love their husbands so much... they need to share that too...

"Hubby cooked me dinner tonight! He's so sweet to me!"
"My hubs just did all of the yard work, I am just beyond blessed to have him in my life"
"My husband and I love spending time together. He's my everything. I am so glad we got married 3 years, 4 days, and 10 hours ago."

You're husband this... you're husband that... W E G E T I T. You love your husband, YOU MARRIED HIM. Stop bragging about it and enjoy your marriage. It's YOUR marriage after all, it's not meant to be shared to the universe.

Between a husband and wife. Not husband and wife and Facebook. And finally, Be PROUD to call him your husband. Not hubs, hubby, or hubster. If you like those names, great, but does HE like those names? I really am interested in knowing what he thinks about them.

One more thing: please stop showing your hand with your wedding ring every time you paint your nails a different color. Your ring is beautiful, we know, keep it to yourself.

Rant over.


  1. for some reason i have this issue with people telling me how blessed they are for something or for having a person in their life, it drives me crazy. add the term 'hubs' into the blessed equation and i just can't handle. it.

  2. Ugh my best friends calls he husband "hubs" and "hubster" in REAL LIFE. Just call him by his name, I know who he is!! Also... i always take pictures of my left hand because that's the only hand that actually looks good ha!

  3. I'm glad that I am not the only one in this boat, it gets on my damn nerves.

  4. Good god, I love you. Hands down, you are my most favorite married person to walk the planet for the sole reason that you wrote this post.

  5. "Master of the house." Pfffft... don't make me laugh. This bitch wears the pants. :)

  6. We don't really have pet names. He calls me Becca, I call him Tim. Cutesy nicknames feel forced to me. I definitely agree that social media has made relationships into more of a competition, and I try to avoid the word "hubby" (damn you, 140 character limit) because I think it's comparable to "puppy", but I don't hesitate to write "my husband" when I'm not being mushy (because sometimes my facebook friends are slow, and Tim is a common name). I actually think out of all those terms I prefer "significant other". It's long, but it declares that he is another person who is significant to me. I actually think it's the sweetest. Or maybe I'm just weird.

  7. I hate the word hubby. I'll either call him my husband or by his name. I have a husband bragger on my FB and I always roll my eyes when she posts.


    Pet names are fine, between the two of you... not between you, him and facebook.

    Also the ring thing is just obnoxious.

  9. Aboriginal of all, he won't acknowledge the use of a arrogant nickname, like "bud," "champ," or "stud," and he will be beneath absorbed in giving you the advice you need. Men like to be alleged by Pet names for girls that accomplish them feel hot and needed, like a rugged, yet chic night in animated armor.