Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Emily/Nail Update

As most of you know my princess Emily has been battling some sort of sickness the past two weeks. I went into detail here about how it started and how she was acting. It was miserable. But, thankfully, I can now say that things have completely turned around and I have my ol' pal back! She's eating everything in sight and isn't napping half of the day anymore. We've determined (by "we" I mean the doctor and myself, because I'm an expert too) that it is in fact food allergies and she just needs a certain type of food the rest of her life. 

Expensive food might I add. So if any of you need your house cleaned or lawns mowed let me know, I'll send Emily right over so she can earn some allowance towards her food bill.

She can also make sure squirrels no longer visit your backyard, protect you from the dangerous UPS man, and wake you up at 6:30 am just to sit outside. True life y'all.

Now to the update you've all been waiting for. Last week, I also wrote about this gel manicure set I bought and how awesome it is. It says on the box that it'll last two weeks and a little over one week later, I can proudly show you....

....  it looks like i just painted them yesterday. I've washed dishes, given Emily baths, and showered here and there. This stuff is legit and so far I give the kit a 10. It was worth every penny and I'm excited to try new colors. What colors should I buy next? I'm thinking a dark maroon or black.

That's all I have for you today folks. I've got some shopping to do -- have I told you we're having Thanksgiving at our house next week? Have I also told you we don't have a dining room table yet? No biggie.... (pray for me).


  1. Your nails look great! I'd love to hear about your experience when it's time for you to remove it. :)

  2. So happy Emily is better! Also, I'm glad you did an update on the nail kit! It is now on my Christmas list, hopefully Santa will make it happen ;-)

  3. So happy to hear that Emily is back to her normal self! My dogs could definitely use a playdate.. but we live pretty far away ha ha!
    Your nails look great!

  4. yay for emily!!
    and man your nails really do still look good!

  5. So happy to read the good news about Emily! What a relief that must be!

    Now you've got me contemplating that nail set...hmm...

  6. I'm so glad Emily is feeling back to her old self again! :) Your nails look awesome. Mine didn't last that well for that long.

  7. Seriously so happy to hear that Emily is back to her normal self! We have a pup with allergies too, but we're not sure what to. Hope we can get things cleared up for her too!

  8. Looks like I know what to get my mom for Christmas this year! Thanks for the update on the nails (and Miss Emily of course!).

  9. We have the same things with our dogs so I feel your pain. It's bad when they are eating better food than I am on a daily basis :) Happy to hear that she's doing better though!!