Monday, November 18, 2013

I Married Into It

I'm in no way shape or form a fan of football. Or at least I wasn't two years ago. I went to a small school where we had football, but I didn't go there because of that. I went because of the broadcasting program. Yeah, call me a nerd whatever. Nate on the other hand went to Auburn, ya know the school that won the national championship in 2010. I heard all about it on our first date, I also learned part of the fight song then too, if that gives you any idea of what a crazy football fan he is. But I get it, it's a big deal if you went to a big school.

March 2012
Anyway, if you're familiar with the SEC (which I can't believe I'm writing this right now) then you'll know that Auburn was absolutely terrible last year. I know this because I almost witnessed Nate crying in the living room every Saturday. It would, without a doubt, ruin our weekend. I would give him pep talks like I was talking to the team. "It'll get better, wait until next year, we'll get a new coach, just be patient" -- I said everything. So you can imagine my excitement towards the season this year. I won't give you the record because I don't know it, but I do know we're doing really well.

This post is getting way too long about something I clearly know nothing about, so let's get with the point here -- I visited Nate in Alabama this weekend and we made our way to the Auburn vs Georgia game. Apparently it's a big rivalry.

Tiger Walk. It's where the team and coaches walk to the stadium while the band plays. It's pretty cool if you know all the teammates names like Nate does.

Stadium food is pretty cool too. BBQ nachos? Give me more.

We were on row one which meant I had every distraction in the world. Cheerleaders, the mascots, band, the media -- it was really great. One thing I don't like about watching a game in person is that I don't have announcers telling me what's going on and I can't see if they got a first down or not, I need that yellow line to help me. Hashtag girl problems.

I do however understand the scoreboard. WE WON! It was insane because of this catch....

We really shouldn't have won, but whatever, I'll take it!! Nate hugged me so hard I couldn't breath. He was also hugging people he didn't know so hard that I'm sure they couldn't breath. It was great to see him so happy.

It's tradition when we win everyone throws toilet paper on Toomer's Corner aka "Rolling Toomber's Corner" aka get toiler paper stuck to your boot for half the night.

It was, hands down, one of the best experiences of my newly wed life. I'm jumping on this college football train because I can and well, because I married into it. War Eagle y'all!!

Also, I met Santa on my flight back to Little Rock...



  1. WAR EAGLE for sure!!! I'm a total Auburn fan!

  2. My husband went to Georgia Tech so basically we are only allowed to cheer for A) Tech or B) Anyone playing against Georgia. I think he shed some (a lot) of happy tears when Auburn made that catch. I also think that was the only 5 seconds of the game that caught my attention ;)

  3. You definitely married into one of the best fan bases around.... I've never not gotten a "War Eagle" while wearing an Auburn shirt, no matter where I was (even in Honduras). We were tailgating and I definitely got bear hugged by people I didn't know - so welcome to the AU Family and War Eagle!

  4. I am so proud of you.
    Also, that catch was freaking epic.

  5. i don't even like football but I can appreciate that catch.

  6. I went to Ohio State and so I am a huge football fan (at least when it comes to them). One, that catch though was amazing! Two, you two look amazing in that second picture!

  7. My story is all too similar to yours. I am engaged to a University of Michigan alumni and the biggest football fan I know! I go to a much smaller school than U of M, and although we're D1 our team is awful haha. So by default I am a Uof M fan and have since grown to love (college) football. I love everything about it (especially the stadium food) but my fiance is a sore loser. It gets pretty rough around these parts when we lose. Luckily for us we were able to pull it off this weekend, after triple overtime. Thank god.

  8. I never got to experience awesome football games like these big teams, so I take it all in when I do get to go. I don't care if I like the team, know the team, or didn't go to that school. My husband is a big Oklahoma state fan so therefor I am one too.

  9. I've never been huge into football, but that was an awesome catch. Our team (not a college team) is doing awesome this year, 10-1! That's about all I can tell you about it ha ha.