Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amanda to Rachel

That moment when someone tells you that you look like Jennifer Aniston...

Even though she's well over 40, pregnant on most days (according to the tabs), and plays the same character in every movie... I still love her. And to think someone thinks that I look like THE Rachel my heart races and I have butterflies in my stomach. This is the best compliment, ever. I mean, it's like really cool, and I'm over it. But let's compare side-by-side images because I'm a fancy blogger like that.

I really don't totally see the resemblance. If you don't, leave right now and don't come back.

You may be wondering why I'm so obsessed with this compliment. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. When I went to a new school in 6th grade my new classmates appropriately named me "Amanda" because I looked like the girl from the Amanda Show. They would walk by me and yell...

Ugh. I can hear it now. 

but in their defense...

yaaaa yaaaa whatever...

and just imagine... that lasted well throughout high school AND college. I didn't hate it though, because she was a celebrity and who doesn't want to look like a celebrity? No one. Unless that celebrity turns into this... 

Sidenote: this picture still makes me laugh out loud.

Doppelgänger no more. I will NOT be associated with that or that wig in ANY way. It was fun while it lasted Amanda but I've moved on. My friend Rachel is calling and I have to answer it. My new look doesn't have a twitter/non-twitter relationship with Drake, she doesn't set poop on fire in someones driveway, and oh ya, she's not in rehab. So, there's that.

Cheers to a new me! 


  1. Well shit Max, I wish you would have posted this earlier so I could have told you that would have been the most perfect Halloween costume ever for you. And yes, that picture... I'll forever die laughing at that one.

  2. Now you're associated with the most iconic haricut of all time. And that really makes me jealous. I used to get Nicole Richie when I was fatter, but then we both lost weight. Sad stuff, really.

  3. you're just gorgeous that's what it is. seriously. i can kinda see the old amanda (who is stunning by the way) but not the new one. never the new one.

  4. Whether or not you see it, that's a great compliment! I used to get told I looked like Jennifer Grey back in the day (before any of her nose jobs).

    I laughed at your comment about Jen being pregnant most days. Seriously, she could have had several kids by now for as much as the tabloids talk about it.

  5. I can totally see both of them in you. The new Amanda is just creepy so No! but the old Amanda yes. Jennifer is more stable so I suggest running with that one!