Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blurry Wednesday

What a day!! This morning was an absolute blur... literally. 

I went to an optometrist where the doctor dilated my eyes. She told me my vision would be blurry for a couple of hours, but um, she forgot to mention that I'll be half blind most of the day and that the sun will burn my eyes out. Don't worry though, I totally played it cool and basically drove home with my eyes closed. I'm really good at that.

Before the eventful ride home and after the blur drops were put in my eyes I was able to look at the glasses and choose the lens' that I wanted. This is brilliant on their part because 1) I couldn't see the prices to save my life and 2) I'm sure they got a good laugh as I was dropping glasses, shoving them in the wrong spot, and saying all of them look so awesome on me. When in reality, they could have handed me $300 construction goggles and I would have totally bought them....

... with the matching hat. 

Picking out glasses is no easy task. You have Michael Kors, Coach, Ray Ban, Juicy, you name it, the brand probably makes it. And of course, they come in every color you can imagine. You've got red, maroon, light red, sparkly red, red that doesn't look red but it sometimes looks red. It was a stressful time for me. So stressful. I just wanted something stylish, but not too stylish and not too hipster. 

too hipster, but super cute
I love those. now i want them.

They need to be something that could potentially make a TV debut in the future, and since they're so EXPENSIVE, something that I'll wear for a long time. I eventually landed on these from banana republic... 

They fit my face so well (or at least, I think they did...) and they're in between stylish - professional. I then had to make the big decision if I wanted brown or black. WHYYYYY!!! I want both, can we just make this a package deal? No. So, in true girl fashion, I spent the next 30 minutes contemplating my wardrobe on whether brown or black would match anything. Turns out, I have nothing to match brown OR black. Kidding.... sort of. I went ahead and chose brown. 

They could easily pass as black and they were practically made to go with all of my winter boots. It was a win-win situation. It'll take a week before I can come pick them up, and when I do you'll know about it via the 100 pictures I'll post on instagram. 

In the meantime, I'll be squinting my way through the internet looking at what glasses Jennifer Anniston wears. They may or may not be added to my Christmas list. 



  1. picking glasses is hard! but the tortoise shell color is always a good choice for us blondies.

  2. Ugh I hate the eye doctor so much.. but last time I went they asked if I wanted to pay $10 to do a special new scan that doesn't require dilation and I said duh.. and it was awesome. I need some new glasses stat. I think I want to try Warby Parker where they send you glasses in the mail and you try them on and take selfies and then pick which ones you want! FUN!