Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Famous Brother

it's true.
You may or may not have seen this picture on my instagram ...

Yes, brother, OF COURSE I shared it on instagram! 

I've always been super proud of my siblings. My sister is rocking her way through law school and my brother makes advertisements for some pretty big companies. Fruit of the Loom being one of them. So it's only natural that they asked him to take off his shirt, put on this helmet, and pose.

For any little sister out there, you'll understand my love for this. I plan on showing this to all of his girlfriends, his future children, and maybe even framing it and hanging it up in my dining room for everyone to see. 

"Oh that's my brother. He's an underwear model," I'll tell all of my guests.


Don't feel bad for him, this is the brother who would cut my barbies hair, scare me so bad I would cry, and told me Santa wasn't real when I was only in the 2nd grade. He's also known for breaking every butterfly hair clip that I would leave around the house, hiding the family cat in his closet, and being the favorite child (mom, you know it's true!!!)

I'm sure he's loving this attention anyway! He's 27, single, and now an underwear model. Life is just beginning for him! Also... just in case he's mad at me for posting this, please "like" Fruit of the Looms Facebook page and share this post wherever you can! We need this to spread like wildfire. Why? Because I'm a good little sister just trying to support my brother.

Oh and if you're wondering why he's only wearing a helmet and underwear, watch this commercial:

You're welcome.


  1. I feel that this post is your civic duty as a little sister. Any sister that gets this kind of ammunition should use it as much as possible and never lose that picture, EVER! From all little sisters: Thank you!

  2. Oh you must show it to ever girlfriend from this point on!! It is you right as a sister! :)