Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's October 3rd.

and you know what that means... 

Am I the only one who thinks this year has flown by? How on earth is it already October? Maybe it's because on New Years I was hoping the months would go by faster so I could see Nate sooner. He returned from a deployment in March (our first) and it was all I could think about for about a month or two or three.

This year has been a year full of firsts for us. We got our first dog (there will be many more, he just doesn't know it yet), I ran my first half-marathon, Nate proposed for the first time, we got married for the first time (what. you never know), we sold and bought a house together, and now for the first time in a decade... I'm not working.

and I hate it.

Hear me out. I get why stay-at-home moms stay at home. There's a ton of stuff to do. You've got kids to watch 24/7, dishes, vacuuming, errands, baking, dinner making, arts and crafts, karate, dance, football, gymnastics, doctors office.... and the list goes on. Honestly, I don't know how working moms make it work.

I want to know what stay-at-home wives do. I'm making lists every day to try and keep busy, but the chores are done by noon and I'm not about to read a book until 6:00. Sorry... I just can't do it. I've painted my nails, walked the dog a thousand times, gone to Target for no reason, washed the sheets for no reason, RE-FOLDED(that word looks weird) THE LAUNDRY. Y'all I'm going crazy. I'm so crazy, I've even made a new years resolution list and #1 is to be patient. I know I have a dream job here somewhere in Little Rock, I just have to find it. I mean, I've only been here 2 weeks.....

Besides being bored/the best dog mom ever, I've done some things I've never done before around the house. Like, ya know, drained the hot water heater. Long story short: the gas company shut our gas off because the previous owners scheduled to shut it off that day... they didn't get the memo that the gas was in my name now, so they turned it off. Anyway, when they turned the gas back on I wanted to take a hot bath. But wait...


So I call Nate while he's busy doing Air Force things, and he tells me to drain the hot water heater. Y'all. DO I LOOK LIKE BOB THE BUILDER?! No. He sends me youtube links/instructions on what to do... but still, I was not made for jobs like this. After watching 200 videos on water heaters, I put my thinking cap on and went to work.

and now everything is perfect... you're welcome. I've also painted this chalkboard black....

It obviously still needs to be attached to the wall.
AND yard work.

AND... that's all. Ha! Just call me stay-at-home-bob-the-builder. Byyyye!!



  1. I am so glad your blog is back! And girl, you are a beast! Look at you fixing all kinds of things around your new home! Praying for your injuries and that they will heal quickly.

  2. Great job on fixing the water heater!!!! I wish I could be a stay at home...It seems there is never enough time in the day to get all the chores done after work! But I could see where boredom could strike at any moment!

  3. Max I think you just need a buddy. The week doesn't seem to drag on and on nearly as badly when you sprinkle in some best friend time :)

  4. happy to see you're back and being bob the builder! consider me impressed.

  5. I've been unemployed for five weeks now. I'm seriously running out of shit to do. My house has never been this clean or organized. Granted, it's nice to have all this free time, but I am so ready to go back to work. I don't know how stay-at-home moms do it. This mom needs a job.

  6. did you know you're a no reply blogger?! COME ON MAX YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS