Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Smell Like Burlap

Did you know that stuff smells? Well, it does and now my hands reek of it. If you don't know what burlap is, don't worry 24 hours ago I had not a clue either. Until I googled it and landed on millions of pinterest inspired wreaths/other decor. According to those handy dandy crafty folks, burlap is the hot fabric to have right now and anyone and everyone in the interior design world will tell you to plaster it all over your house. So, since I'm living life to the max and all, I thought I would try something different and give wreath making a shot... in burlap of course.

This mess all started when I was browsing Etsy for Auburn inspired scarfs. Yes, scarfs. Because when Auburn beat A&M, my husband sprinted to StubHub to purchase football tickets for later this season. So, in true Maxine fashion, I sprinted to the internet to figure out what I'm going to wear to this football game. I don't know how it happened but I came across this page, and my jaw dropped...

I need it. I want it. I've gotta have it.

I went as far as getting my wallet and pulling out my credit card. I was ready to punch in those numbers when I remembered that I should probably look at the price. 100 DOLLARS. I'm sorry, what? For a wreath? No. I mean, yes, it's an essential accessory for your house and it gives your neighbors a reason to judge you on something other than your lawn... but really? I just couldn't do it. I wiped away the tears and began my search on how to make these darn things, because if I can't bring myself to buy that wreath then I must make one right this instant.

I searched, googled, pinned, youtubed... you name it, I did it. Who would have thought there were 900 ways to make a burlap wreath? Do we have to make everything so difficult these days? Sheesh. I went with the one that didn't require other materials such as pipe cleaners or twist ties. Because the last time I played with pipe cleaners, I was 4 and it wasn't pretty. Anyway, let's get down to business here.

First things first, head to michaels.com and print off a 40% coupon. You'll need it for the material. I bought a 18inch frame, 2 rolls of burlap (10yds and about 5 inches wide), decorative ribbon, and whatever else you plan on hot glueing to your wreath.

Instead of writing how to do it (I tried, but it was a whole lot of "now do this, and this, and then do this") so I'm just going to post the videos where I learned. Because we all know I'm not a DIY blogger. 

Watch this one first:

To get an up close look, watch this one next:

and there you have it. My first and probably only DIY post... and I really didn't even do anything. 

Here's the final result:

it looks NOTHING like the $100 one, but that's ok, I still like it.

Burlap: $7 (x2)
Ribbon: $2 (x3)
Wreath: $5
Letters: $8
and to prove to you that I'm not crafty at all, I bought my first hot glue gun. $7. 

I plan on making a Christmas one without any letters. Those things are a mess to keep straight! Ok, I think it's time to wash my hands. I believe I just passed the burlap smell to the keyboard. Oops...



  1. YOU ARE TOTES A HOUSEWIFE NOW.. and I love it.

  2. I love it! I made a burlap wreath last year and the smell of burlap STILL makes me gag. yuck

  3. i mean for a fraction of the price you are rocking the burlap!

  4. you're talented. now come over and make me one.

  5. I had no idea you were an Auburn fan, War Eagle! Its gorgeous, you are so talented!