Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Got Juice?

I'm counting the days until this place gets jazzed up! I'm not going to lie, it's been hard writing here knowing my blog looks empty and sad. and what am I saying? I've only written 3 times... woof. Well, this one makes 4.

Is it Monday? no Tuesday.. Glad we got that out of the way. Nate left today, so Emily and I have been doing a whole lot of relaxing/cleaning up his little messes. I swear he poops gum wrappers, mechanical pencils, and receipts on the hour. The piles drive me nuts unless there's money in them. I could follow that man around with a vacuum all day, and there would STILL be messes. Except this weekend....
Yep. Vacuuming the chalkboard.
Look at him go! I contributed by keeping the house clean 98% of the time... so I deserve a "you go!" comment too... Emily needs one as well....

We didn't dig any holes this week, chew off any door stoppers, or get up before 6:00 am. That's a big deal around these parts since we moved here. She's a work in progress..........

We had a couple of date nights this weekend where we chowed down on some delicious food and drank the best pumpkin beer ever. Seriously, forget pumpkin spice lattes..... drink this instead...

BIGORANGEBURGER and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
We saw Gravity in 3D and Captain Phillips, both were 5 stars in my book. Usually I can't handle 3D movies, I get sick and just want the movie to end, but Gravity wasn't like that. They didn't move fast (yaknow, because they're in space) so that probably helped my 3Ditus.

that annoying girl taking pictures of her winter boots was totally me. Get over it.
They're Uggs BTW. no fur was involved.
The ONLY thing that bothered me about Gravity was that her hair didn't move like how it's supposed to in space. Because I went to NASA University and all. NBD.

No but seriously all and all it was a good movie.

Moving on, to the exciting part of this post. I'm starting a 7 day juice tomorrow. It's not to lose weight, so chill, it's just to get rid of some of the toxins/cheeseburgers in my body. AND no I'm not doing it because of that crazy juicing documentary that's going around. I would never do it for more than a week, mostly because I like Chipotle too much and I would be a miserable mess if I couldn't have real food. I'm using this website to get started and I'll write about it on Thursday, although tomorrow will be my first real day. For now, I'm going to eat an entire pizza.... and I'm not kidding.



  1. Love those boots!

  2. I didn't know they made UGGs like this and now that I know I NEED some in my life!

  3. good luck with that whole juicing thing! takes some willpower i hear

  4. You go! And Emily too! I love the boots and I still haven't decided if I am too freaked out by the idea of Gravity!

  5. I dig those boots.. and I want to see your house. Sooo Facetime date soon and you can give me a tour. Plus I just got a 5S so I can be all HD and stuff and you can see all my zits. JK on that last part.

  6. Schlafly knows how to make a good pumpkin beer, that's for sure! I would also recommend the pumpkin beer from a brewery called Crown Country (from Ste. Genevieive, MO) the Imperial Pumpkin Smash. It is delicious and my new favorite!