Monday, October 7, 2013

Miley Can Sit With Us

Happy Monday!! something tells me I'm late saying that -- oh wait, I am. It's 7:00 p.m. Well, whatever, I'm here saying it! When you're not working you tend to forget what day it is, unless it's Saturday. That's because the only thing on TV is football and traffic is outrageous on the roads and at the grocery store.

This is why I do my shopping on Monday now... and for the first time since we've been living in Little Rock, I didn't have to use my GPS to get home today. Hashtag dream big.

Arkansas was good to me this this weekend! I met some new military wives, who are hilarious and fabulous. We got our nails done and had some lunch.

That's the only picture I took. Clearly, I've forgotten how to blog.

On Sunday, another wife and her husband invited me to hike Pinnacle Mountain with them. It's about a 3 mile hike around, and it's always beautiful on top. Nate was off doing air force shenanigans back in Texas.

before I forget, who witnessed Miley on SNL and on the TODAY show? If you missed it on instagram, I made this video of my reaction to the first 5 minutes.

It tells you a lot. I also caught her interview with Matt Lauer this morning where she called him an old man with no sex drive. He laughed and got over it in true Matt fashion, but I can only think about what he really wanted to say. I would have been speechless!

Here's the deal... I like Miley. I really do. Am I totally confused at what she does sometimes? absolutely. Do I miss her long hair? Everyday. I hate the fact that she compares herself to Britney Spears -- they're nothing alike (besides the shaved head thing... which we're not getting into). I honestly DO LIKE her music. It makes me run faster when I'm working out. If we were in high school, she would sit at my table and I would remind her that on Wednesdays we wear pink.

That's all I have today because I'm lame and forgot to take pictures of all of my activities. I can't wait to get this blog of mine pretty -- don't worry, it's in the works ;-)



  1. love that video of your reaction. hilarious!

  2. That video of your reaction is hilarious! I love Miley's music, I can't stop (and won't stop) listening to it.. but I definitely question some of the things she does.